Why Choose Milk Mart

In India, being the largest milk producing country, milk is considered to be an integral part of our diet. In our busy daily life it’s more important to consume something which can fulfil all our nutritional need and nothing can beat cow milk in this race.

Cow milk is a source of good quality protein and is one of the most affordable protein sources especially for vegetarians. Cow milk is regarded a complete food because of its rich content carbohydrate, all the essential amino acids, good quality fat, vitamins specially B vitamins like B12 which is essential for brain functioning, B3 which help maintaining weight and minerals like calcium required for bone health, helps improving osteoporosis, also increases fat metabolism and maintaining hypertension.

As a dietician I always have advised my clients to include cow milk in their diet for achieving good nutrition & health. However I always was concerned about the quality of milk people consume. As every other day we see news on milk adulteration and surprisingly such news included big brand names. As milk adulteration causes serious diseases like heart problem, cancer and even death. Such news leaves us concerned whether to consume milk or not.

Here comes Milk Mart who has taken an initiative to solve this problem by delivering pure & fresh cow milk at your door step, produced in its own farm. So it ensures zero adulteration and the milk is completely unprocessed and rendering absolutely fresh and creamy.

Stay healthy and enjoy your Milkmart milk.
Cow Milk : A Nutritious Treat

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